Getting Clean And Sober

During Drug Detox

What length of time do drugs remain in your body during drug detox?  To begin with we need to define what a drug is. Drugs can be any chemical that changes how a person’s body functions when being absorbed. Most discussions pertaining to drugs and drug detox almost always involve illegal drugs such as opiates, cannabis, amphetamines, or hallucinogens, but other chemicals like nicotine and caffeine also affect how your body operates when they are ingested, and you can become dependent on them also requiring a drug detox when you want to quit.
drug detoxSo, what length of time do drugs stay in your body if you are undergoing drug detox? This will depend on many factors:
1. Physiological characteristics
Your health state, body mass, height and weight, and age will all be part of how long your body takes to drug detox. For example, the longer a person has lived, the slower their metabolic rate will become. As a result, the older a person is, the longer a drug will remain in their body. Additionally, the greater an individual’s body mass is, the more time drugs will stay in their system during drug detox.
2. Frequency of use
One additional factor that can influence how long drugs remain in one’s system during drug detox is how frequently you have been using the drugs (one time per day, three times per day, etc.).  So how frequently you abuse your drug of choice and how long you have been taking drugs can contribute to the length of time the substances remain in your system during drug detox.
3. Type of drugs
Some drugs take more time to metabolize during drug detox. So no matter what your personal metabolic rate is, the chemicals in certain types of drugs take more time to exit your body during drug detox.
For chronic drug users (AKA dug addicts), drugs can stay in their body much longer during drug detox as a result of the frequency and length of use and because of damage caused by the drugs to the organs that metabolize the drugs.

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