Physician Assisted Detox Treatment In A Residential Setting

Residential Medical Detox Treatment

residential medical detox treatment
The vast majority of addicts entering into a residential medical detox treatment program will be harboring bad nutrition which unless corrected will make their residential medical detox treatment harder than it needs to be, and the complicated side effects of withdrawals during residential medical detox treatment are one of the primary reasons that addicts decide to leave their residential medical detox treatment program before they are finished and go back to using or drinking.  In fact it is becoming obvious that good nutrition during residential medical detox treatment can drastically help to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and therefore set the table for a better likelihood that the person undergoing residential medical detox treatment will finish their addiction treatment and decide to pursue a clean and sober program of living.
Alcoholics, for instance, are known to be low on thiamine in their system as a result of their consumption of alcohol, and if this deficiency is untreated it can lead to wet brain syndrome.  This lack of thiamine is usually as a result of a poor diet, damage to the digestive system from alcohol consumption, and the fact that alcohol can prevent the uptake of thiamine in the brain.  Opiate addicts, on the other hand, are known to have a problem with from a substantial amount of nutritional deficiencies as a result of bad diet during their addiction as well as the physical symptoms of heavy opiate abuse, and providing supplements and vitamins during residential medical detox treatment has been demonstrated to lessen the withdrawal symptoms during residential medical detox treatment. 
Addiction is a mind, body, and spiritual disease.  When we can reduce the anxiety and stress during residential medical detox treatment through the use of good food as well as nutritional supplements, then the addict's mind will be in a better place to deal with the behavioral changes that will be required for pursuing a clean and sober lifestyle after their residential medical detox treatment.  Of course, we also need to bring the body along for the ride during residential medical detox treatment or we can be setting the addict up for failure. 
As for the spiritual side, it is vital that appropriate counseling be provided during residential medical detox treatment otherwise treating the mind and the body with good nutrition will be useless.  Low self-esteem, for instance, is a frequent factor amongst addicts and alcoholics and it is can be to begin to identify the causes behind this during residential medical detox treatment. If the spiritual side isn't treated during residential medical detox treatment, then treating the body and mind with good nutrition will be pointless.


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