Seeking Good Nutrition Is Important During

Drug And Alcohol Detox

drug and alcohol detox
The majority of addicts going into a drug and alcohol detox program will be harboring poor nutrition which unless fixed will make their drug and alcohol detox harder than it needs to be, and the complicated symptoms of withdrawals while in drug and alcohol detox are one of the primary causes that people choose to leave their drug and alcohol detox program early and go back to using or drinking.  In fact it has become obvious that proper nutrition during drug and alcohol detox will drastically help to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and therefore allow for a better likelihood that the addict undergoing will finish their addiction treatment and continue to pursue a clean and sober lifestyle.
Alcoholics, for instance, are known to be low on Vitamin B1 in their system as a consequence of their drinking, and when this deficiency is left untreated it can result in wet brain syndrome.  This lack of thiamine is usually due to a bad diet, damage to the digestive system from alcohol consumption, and the fact that alcohol can prevent the absorption of vitamin B1 in the brain.  Opiate users, on the other hand, are known to have a problem with from a substantial amount of nutritional deficiencies as a result of poor eating habits while in their addiction as well as the physical side effects of heavy opiate use, and giving vitamins and supplements during drug and alcohol detox has been demonstrated to lessen the complications from withdrawals during drug and alcohol detox. 
Addiction is a body, mind, and spiritual disease.  If we can reduce the stress and anxiety during drug and alcohol detox with the use of proper nutrition as well as nutritional supplements, then the person’s mind will be in a better place to deal with the behavioral modifications that will be required for pursuing a clean and sober life following their drug and alcohol detox.  Of course, we also have to bring the body along for the ride during drug and alcohol detox or we can be setting ourselves up for failure. 
As for the spiritual side, it is vital that proper counseling be provided during drug and alcohol detox or else treating the body and mind with proper nutrition will be pointless.  Low self-esteem, as an example, is a common factor amongst addicts and alcoholics and it is can be to begin to look for the causes behind this during drug and alcohol detox. When the spiritual side is not treated during drug and alcohol detox, then treating the mind and the body with proper nutrition will be fruitless.

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