Signs Of Opiate Addiction

Opiate Addiction Treatment

opiate addiction treatment
Many people accidentally become addicted to opiates when their doctor prescribes them something for pain.  This includes your average person and famous people like Brett Favre and Rush Limbaugh.  The pain medication available today, like Oxycontin, Vicodin, and even Methadone, is very addictive and people's tolerance builds up quickly.  Your pain may have subsided weeks ago, but you still find yourself taking the balance of the pills from your prescription.
When someone becomes addicted to opiates and continues to take them well beyond their need, they will begin to develop telltale signs that their loved ones will be able to pick up on if they know what to look for.  Some common signs that someone has become addicted to opiates include the following:
  • Slow movement, or poor motor skills
  • Frequent tiredness or nodding off frequently
  • Slurred speach
  • Constricted pupils
If you have a loved one that you feel is abusing any substance talk to them and let them know your feelings. Most people will be in denial at first if they have problems. They will not believe they have a problem often until it is too late. So it is essential to speak to them and closely monitor their behavior.
It is also important to speak to an addiction treatment professional to discuss the options for helping your loved one.  Contact Pathways Detox at (877)870-4958 anytime day or night.