Getting Off Of Opiates Painlessly

Opiate Detox With Suboxone

opiate detox suboxone
Suboxone isn’t solely a maintenance medication for people struggling with opiate addiction, but it is also prescribed for addicts undergoing opiate detox with Suboxone. There are 2 attributes of Suboxone that cause it to be so important for opiate detox. In smaller doses it performs just like a partial opiate agonist to inhibit discomfort. In higher doses, it blocks the opiate receptors in the brain eliminating withdrawals and cravings. By giving the correct amount of Suboxone in an opiate detox the onset of opiate withdrawals will be stopped.

A Suboxone based opiate detox has 3 phases. They are the stabilization, induction, and titration elements of the opiate detox with Suboxone. The timing of initiating an addict on Suboxone during their opiate detox is crucial. If the Suboxone is given too quickly, it can put the addict into precipitated withdrawals and make their opiate detox more difficult than when the person just detoxed off their drug of choice cold turkey.

Once the addict undergoing Suboxone based opiate detox has started to show significant symptoms of opiate withdrawals, the induction phase is initiated. While in this phase the addict going through the opiate detox is given just enough Suboxone to prevent more serious withdrawal symptoms. This process is a balancing acting, and the opiate addict’s physical well being must be observed very close to make sure they are acclimating to the Suboxone during opiate detox.

When the correct dose of Suboxone is determined, then the addict going through opiate detox is transitioned into the stabilization stage. During this stage, the Suboxone is administered in similar amounts to prevent withdrawals and at the same time allowing the individual’s drug of choice to exist their system. This phase of the opiate detox can take a couple days to a week or more depending on the addict’s drug of choice and usage history.

Finally the Suboxone is reduced down to 0 at the ending of the opiate detox to get the person completely drug free. With the proper amount of Suboxone in opiate detox, the withdrawal signs can be almost non-existent.

If you are struggling with addiction to opiates and would like to discuss how Pathways Recovery can help you get drug free with our opiate detox with Suboxone, call us today to talk to about your options.

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